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Zombie 2 (1979) Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971) Indiana Jones 3, The Last Crusade (1989) Predator 1 (1987) Conan 2, The Destroyer (1984) Cinema Paradiso (1988)

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Dog Bite Dog (2006) Monsoon Wedding (2002) Fido (2006) In America (2002) Mist, The (2007) Equilibrium (2002)
Cherish (2002) Aftermath (1994) Tokyo Eyes (1998) Rome, Season 1 (2005) Desperate Housewives, Season 1 (2004) Lady And The Tramp 1 (1955)
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I watch on average more than 2 movies a day. I consume movies, with a strong focus on foreign fares (mostly Asian) and off-beat oddities. I built this site to keep track of my DVD collection, write reviews, maintain a blog where i write weekly about the US Box office numbers and various movie-related news, keep track of every movie i watch, collect DVD covers and set-up virtual shelves and so on. RatingMovies.ComŽ was born and grew from there.

I made all those sophisticated tools available to anybody so you can do all of this too. This is a site for film and DVD enthusiasts (i.e. freaks) where you can build your own communities, with your very own movie and dvd lists, reviews, blogs and RSS feed, mailing lists, a home page like this one, and even keep track of movies your friends borrowed from you.

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2019.10.19  This movie has an online cover Zombie 2 (1979)A
2019.10.13  This movie has an online cover Predator 1 (1987)A
2019.10.13  This movie has an online cover Indiana Jones 3, The Last Crusade (1989)B
2019.10.13  This movie has an online cover Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)A-
2019.10.06  This movie has an online cover Breakout (1975)A-
2019.10.06  This movie has an online cover Cinema Paradiso (1988)A
2019.10.06  This movie has an online cover Conan 2, The Destroyer (1984)B-
2019.09.14  This movie has an online cover Space Camp (1986)B
2019.09.08  This movie has an online cover Body Double (1984)A
2019.08.27  This movie has an online cover Hidden Fortress, The (1958)A+
2019.08.17  This movie has an online cover Horror Express (1972)A-
2019.08.17  This movie has an online cover Screamers (1995)B+
2019.08.13  This movie has an online cover Do The Right Thing (1989)A+
2019.08.13  This movie has an online cover Fight Club (1999)A+
2019.08.13  This movie has an online cover Game, The (1997)A
2019.08.10  This movie has an online cover Professional, The (1981)A-
2019.05.27  This movie has an online cover Naked Lunch (1991)A+
2019.05.27  This movie has an online cover Crash (1996)B
2011.09.09  What Does Horror Mean To You? at Brutal As Hell
2011.08.25  Not Quite Hollywood review at Brutal As Hell
2011.08.03  Wolfen At Brutal As Hell
2011.08.03  Confessions At Brutal As Hell
2011.03.06  30 Fulci Blvd., A Lucio Fulci Primer
2011.02.01  BoxOffice News
2011.01.04  The best of 2010
2010.08.27  The Wacky French: The Extreme Wave
2010.08.09  BoxOffice News
2010.07.08  BoxOffice News
2010.05.28  BoxOffice News
2010.04.15  BoxOffice News
2010.03.25  BoxOffice News
2010.03.03  BoxOffice News
2010.02.23  Recently watched movies of interest
2010.02.18  BoxOffice News
2010.02.14  The best movies i wached in 2009
2010.02.14  Best films of the decade

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2019.12.05  N/A   Room 237 (2012)
2019.12.05     Master, The (1984)
2019.12.04     Dead Don'T Die, The (2019)
2019.12.03     Man In The High Castle, Season 4 (2019)
2019.12.01    Bad Batch, The (2016)
2019.11.30  N/A   South Park, Season 14 (2010)
2019.11.28   This movie has an online cover Hard Boiled (1992)
2019.11.28  N/A  This movie has an online cover Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1988)
2019.11.28     Red Sea Diving Resort, The (2019)
2019.11.26     Stuber (2019)
2019.11.25  N/A   South Park, Season 13 (2009)
2019.11.25     Devil Next Door, Season 1, The (2019)
2019.11.24  N/A  This movie has an online cover Celine And Jesse 1: Before Sunrise (1995)
2019.11.24  N/A  This movie has an online cover Celine And Jesse 2: Before Sunset (2004)
2019.11.24  A-   Spider-Man 2: Far From Home (2019)
2019.11.24     Celine And Jesse 3: Before Midnight (2013)
2019.11.23     Lion King, The (2019)
2019.11.23     Man Without Gravity, The (2019)
2019.11.22     Along With The Gods 2: The Last 49 Days (2018)
2019.11.21     Constant Forge, A (2000)
2019.11.20     Cold War (2018)
2019.11.19     Immoral Tales (1974)
2019.11.18     Godzilla 1-05, Godzilla Vs. Ghidora The Three-Headed Monster (1964)
2019.11.18     Shadows (1959)
2019.11.18     Faces (1968)
2019.11.17  N/A  This movie has an online cover Gladiator (2000)
2019.11.17     Midway (2019)
2019.11.17     Legend Of The Demon Cat (2017)
2019.11.15     Good Boys (2019)
2019.11.15     White Dragon, Season 1 (2018)
2019.11.14     Farewell, The (2019)
2019.11.13     Paradise Beach (2019)
2019.11.13     Disenchantment, Season 2 (2019)
2019.11.12     Furie (2019)
2019.11.11     Opening Night (1977)
2019.11.11     Sun Is Also A Star, The (2019)
2019.11.10    This movie has an online cover Godzilla 1-03, Godzilla Vs. King Kong (1962)
2019.11.10  N/A   Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages (1922)
2019.11.10    This movie has an online cover Antropophagus 1 (1980)
2019.11.10     Godzilla 1-04, Godzilla Vs. Mothra (1964)
2019.11.10     Polyester (1981)
2019.11.10     Five Elements Ninjas (1982)
2019.11.09    This movie has an online cover Antropophagus 2, Rosso Sangue (1982)
2019.11.09     After Midnight (1989)
2019.11.08     Dolemite Is My Name (2019)
2019.11.08     Men In Black 4: International (2019)
2019.11.08     Kid Like Jake, A (2018)
2019.11.07     Toy Story 4 (2019)
2019.11.07     Corporate Animals (2019)
2019.11.07     Light Of My Life (2019)
2019.11.07     Majorettes, The (1987)


ldh's News   Jump up to the top...

2011.09.09 - What Does Horror Mean To You? at Brutal As Hell

I am starting to write this article right after I just finished watching Dario Argento?s Stendhal Syndrome for the third time in about two years. I am fascinated by it because it is likely Argento?s last good/great film (Dracula 3D doesn?t look very promising so far), and because surprisingly, what disturbs me the most is the brutality of the film and that Dario put his own daughter Asia at the center of it. Talk about a Freudian setup. Additionally, the movie is gorgeous. Yes, its use of digital effects is very crude, even for the time, but the film is otherwise very polished in the greatest Argento tradition. I appreciate that. I also appreciate Asia greatly....

Read the rest at Brutal As Hell at http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/08/what-does-horror-mean-to-you/.

2011.08.25 - Not Quite Hollywood review at Brutal As Hell

 Documentaries about films are a tricky affair. Either they have to be about an incredible film, or the documentary itself has to be cool and uncover little known nuggets about a cult classic, or they have to paint an epic movement and give you tons of information, references, and cool interviews. Not Quite Hollywood is of the latter kind, but unlike the recent American Grindhouse, it manages to pile on so much energy, laughs, outrageous interviews and cool film bits...

Read the rest on Brutal As Hell at http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/08/review-not-quite-hollywood-the-wild-untold-story-of-ozploitation/.

2011.08.03 - Wolfen At Brutal As Hell

An old review of mine about  Wolfen (1981) got re-published at Brutal As Hell recently: http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/07/retro-review-wolfen/.

2011.08.03 - Confessions At Brutal As Hell

My recent review of Confessions (2010) at Brutal As Hell: http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/06/18107/.

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ldh's Reviews   Jump up to the top...

Zombie 2 (1979) reviewed on 2019.10.19Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

Classic Zombie film from one of the top horror directors. 'Nuf said.

- Laurent Hasson

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971) reviewed on 2019.10.13Rated 4 stars. Click here for details...

A classic children's story, with a top demented performance by Gene Wilder, a wild script from Roald Dahl himself, and overall charming and visually creative execution.

- Laurent Hasson

Indiana Jones 3, The Last Crusade (1989) reviewed on 2019.10.13Rated 3.5 stars. Click here for details...

The lesser of all Indiana Jones with visual effects that are noticeably worse than the previous installments and also more prevalent, and writing that tries to fit in too many silly jokes in a story that could have been treated more seriously. There is also a sense that Physics are completely wack in this film compared to others. I know it's fantasy, but still, it degrades the "powers" of the hero when things are so unbelievable that one's expected suspension of disbelief fails to overcome shoddy editing or continuity. This happens repeatedly in this film and i find it quite annoying.

- Laurent Hasson

Predator 1 (1987) reviewed on 2019.10.13Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

A classic action fare from the 80's with great macho performances from the whole cast, great writing and an immersive jungle world. The Predator character was pretty much instantly iconic, through its character traits and design, very much like the Alien for example. John McTiernan, after the small scale but effective

Nomads (1986), became an instant top director with this film, following up with ever greater achievements in Die Hard 1 (1988) and Jack Ryan 1: The Hunt For Red October (1990). It's difficult to imagine how immensely successful he was within the span of only a few years.

- Laurent Hasson

Conan 2, The Destroyer (1984) reviewed on 2019.10.06Rated 2.5 stars. Click here for details...

The first film is a total classic. This sequel is definitely not as good, but it nevertheless has certain charms. Arnold is still so charismatic, Olivia d'Abo is super cute, and Grace Jones packs one hell of a punch. But aside from the nostalgia factor, there is really not much else in favor of this installment.

- Laurent Hasson

Cinema Paradiso (1988) reviewed on 2019.10.06Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

A classic film about Cinema, wonderful characters and environment throughout. This film is warm, personal, yet epic. Only quibble is that the director's cut, which is expected to better reflect Giuseppe Tornatore's original vision, ends up being overdrawn which makes the film lose its intended focus i believe.

- Laurent Hasson

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