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Legend Of Hell House, The (1973) Three Mothers 1: Suspiria (1977) Inglourious Basterds (2009) Team America: World Police (2004) Opera (1987) Total Recall (1990)

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Genesis (1998) Protege (2007) Fido (2006) Finding Nemo (2003) Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989) Phantasm (1979)
Fudoh: The New Generation (1996) Frightened Woman, The (1969) Desperate Housewives, Season 1 (2004) Broken Wings (2002) Silk (2007) SPL: Saat Po Long (2005)
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I watch on average more than 2 movies a day. I consume movies, with a strong focus on foreign fares (mostly Asian) and off-beat oddities. I built this site to keep track of my DVD collection, write reviews, maintain a blog where i write weekly about the US Box office numbers and various movie-related news, keep track of every movie i watch, collect DVD covers and set-up virtual shelves and so on. RatingMovies.ComŽ was born and grew from there.

I made all those sophisticated tools available to anybody so you can do all of this too. This is a site for film and DVD enthusiasts (i.e. freaks) where you can build your own communities, with your very own movie and dvd lists, reviews, blogs and RSS feed, mailing lists, a home page like this one, and even keep track of movies your friends borrowed from you.

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2018.12.01  B+  This movie has an online cover Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)
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2018.11.23   This movie has an online cover Hard Boiled (1992)
2018.11.23     Hornets' Nest (1970)
2018.11.23  B-   Darkest Minds, The (2018)
2018.11.23     Juliet, Naked (2018)
2018.11.22  N/A  This movie has an online cover Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1988)
2018.11.22  N/A   Yellowbeard (1983)
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2018.11.13     Call My Agent, Season 2 (2017)
2018.11.11     John Leguizamo'S Latin History For Morons (2018)


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2011.09.09 - What Does Horror Mean To You? at Brutal As Hell

I am starting to write this article right after I just finished watching Dario Argento?s Stendhal Syndrome for the third time in about two years. I am fascinated by it because it is likely Argento?s last good/great film (Dracula 3D doesn?t look very promising so far), and because surprisingly, what disturbs me the most is the brutality of the film and that Dario put his own daughter Asia at the center of it. Talk about a Freudian setup. Additionally, the movie is gorgeous. Yes, its use of digital effects is very crude, even for the time, but the film is otherwise very polished in the greatest Argento tradition. I appreciate that. I also appreciate Asia greatly....

Read the rest at Brutal As Hell at http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/08/what-does-horror-mean-to-you/.

2011.08.25 - Not Quite Hollywood review at Brutal As Hell

 Documentaries about films are a tricky affair. Either they have to be about an incredible film, or the documentary itself has to be cool and uncover little known nuggets about a cult classic, or they have to paint an epic movement and give you tons of information, references, and cool interviews. Not Quite Hollywood is of the latter kind, but unlike the recent American Grindhouse, it manages to pile on so much energy, laughs, outrageous interviews and cool film bits...

Read the rest on Brutal As Hell at http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/08/review-not-quite-hollywood-the-wild-untold-story-of-ozploitation/.

2011.08.03 - Wolfen At Brutal As Hell

An old review of mine about  Wolfen (1981) got re-published at Brutal As Hell recently: http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/07/retro-review-wolfen/.

2011.08.03 - Confessions At Brutal As Hell

My recent review of Confessions (2010) at Brutal As Hell: http://www.brutalashell.com/2011/06/18107/.

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Legend Of Hell House, The (1973) reviewed on 2018.08.18Rated 4 stars. Click here for details...

This is a well done haunted-house film released the same year as The Exorcist, and it definitely taps in the era's genre favorite of demonic possessions and satanic cults. The set pieces that are imbued with great energy, and an overall ensemble cast that does a good job setting up the tension. A lesser known entry in the genre that is nevertheless a little classic.

- Laurent Hasson

Three Mothers 1: Suspiria (1977) reviewed on 2018.08.13Rated 5 stars. Click here for details...

Suspiria is one of my favorite films. I am literally obsessed by it. I have created a custom theme for my last 4 phones with sounds, ringtomes and images from this film. I trace my love of peacocks to this film too! It's hard to convey to someone who hasn't seen this film how much of an audio-visual experience it is. From an iconic score by Goblin to an attention to visual details probably not seen in any other film ever! Period! Every frame is lit just perfectly. Every frame is framed just right, with vertiginous virtuosity and incredible depth of field. And then of course, there is the art direction. If i ever strike it rich, i would love a home that is designed from the ground up inspired by this film's sets. Every design on doors, staircases, wallpaper, carpets, furniture, you name it... everything on display is incredibly beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful film ever made. And then of course, there is a well round-up witch story and good enough performances for this genre.

- Laurent Hasson

Inglourious Basterds (2009) reviewed on 2018.08.13Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

The movie is technically superbly done, and populated by one memorable performance after another. There is likely not one boring scene in it all. Most interesting to me was how language was mastered so well in the script. Kudos to Tarantino for getting so many linguistic and cultural details so right. This is a violent and engaging film, historically totally inaccurate fact-wise but totally on the money spirit-wise. SS officers have rarely been scarier (save for Schindler's List).

- Laurent Hasson

Team America: World Police (2004) reviewed on 2018.08.13Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

One of my favorite comedy of all time! I have seen this film many times, and i can't help but laugh out loud pretty much throughout. The irreverence is sublime, the sacred cows slaughtered at the altar of comedy are too numerous to count, the satire has bite and spares no one. In this day and age of hyper-sensitive sensibilities and all, one wonders if we have lost our collective sense of humor, the ability to be offended and still laugh at it all. The writing is spectacular, the soundtrack is a classic (i always thought I'm Lonely was robbed of an Oscar), and the overall structure of the film (its editing, cinematography and art direction) is wonderful.

- Laurent Hasson

Opera (1987) reviewed on 2018.08.13Rated 4 stars. Click here for details...

One of the last great Argento film, or at least, the one closing his amazing streak through the 70's and 80's, Opera is a visual feast even if it's not successful overall in all the dimensions that made Argento famous. Visuals are great, art direction is fantastic, but the story feels a bit recycled at that point, and certainly, the performances really take the whole thing down a notch. That's likely the film's greatest weakness. That, and a somewhat schizophrenic soundtrack that doesn't really tie the movie thematically like in other Argento fares.

- Laurent Hasson

Total Recall (1990) reviewed on 2018.05.28Rated 4.5 stars. Click here for details...

 Still one of my favorite film of all times. Perfect tongue-in-cheek writing, incredible action and visuals, great sci-fi concepts, perfect cast and so on and so on.

- Laurent Hasson

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