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Last Viewed:2019.06.25
Last/Last Reviewed:2019.06.25/2016.07.27

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ldh's review

A classic of classics. It is gritty and doesn't pander to its audiences. It's well written and maintains an edge, action and comedy throughout. It's overall well done, but in particular:

  • This is the star-making role for Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is no denying his screen presence and charm. It's simple yet so powerful.
  • The score has to be one of the most beautiful score written for film. Basil Poledouris is one of the top composers of film music, and this is simply his signature work.
  • It's a great adaptation of the comic, which stays faithful to the source material and managed something that today is hard to wrap one's head around: it's a solid R-rated film with of course some humor, but it's mainly quite gritty. This is not a story filled with cartoonish over the top violence like, for example, the recent smash hit Deadpool.
  • I got to watch the recent bluray and the film looks really good. For some reason, i remembered it as being made on the cheap side and very kitsch, but instead, this time around, i saw lush cinematography, costumes and sets.
This is a film that hasn't really aged: it lives in a world all by itself and remains cool and fun today.

- Laurent Hasson