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Last Viewed:2007.04.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2007.04.05/2007.04.07

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ldh's review

This is the incredible story of a man who pretended to be Stanley Kubrick and conned a number of people into favors and money. This is a very funny movie, with a wonderful performance from John Malkovich, but after about 30 minutes, you start to feel a eerie sense of deja-vu. The movie expertly moves from one con to another, but Malkovitch's character never seems to evolve, and the people he cons are all variations of the same genre: dumb people with a large ego easy to flatter. The only saving grace of the movie in that respect is that it is short.

On the technical side, the director makes brilliant use of music, all coming from Kubrick's films. Hearing musical bits from 2001 1, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Clockwork Orange, A (1971) or Shining, The (1980) provides an added dimension that serves this film well. Cinematography is at times really nice, but overall, unimaginative.

This is a fun film to watch. It only suffers from structural repetition as we move from one con to the next and after a while, it becomes tiresome. Only Malkovitch's performance, and the director's and writer's obvious love for Kubrick's films and the many cinephile references manage to add depth to the film and make it enjoyable in spite of its flaws.

- Laurent Hasson