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View Count: 9
First/Last Viewed:2007.10.20/2017.05.20
First/Last Reviewed:2007.10.24/2008.08.13

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ldh's review

I know what you are going to say! He actually liked this film? In a guilty-pleasure kind of way, i absolutely unashamedly did. The film is not as bad as some people would like you to believe, features some pretty good action, and great looking female leads kicking ass. It's sexy in a PG way (i am French, but it's truly PG), and the action is definitely PG. Only a few swear words here and there warranted a PG-13 rating in my opinion. At times, the film is actually really well done with a few really cool scenes. And then, the film doesn't take itself too seriously so you just go along for the joy ride and enjoy it for what it is: pure eye candy entertainment.

Three Women, each at the top of their fighting style, are recruited to take part in a deadly martial arts competition with fighters from across the world called DOA (Dead Or Alive). Christie (Holly Valance, a British pop singer in her first movie appearance) is a world class thief, Kasumi (supermodel Devon Aoki) is a Ninja princess, and Tina (Jaime Pressly) is a pro wrestler. They go, fight, uncover a conspiracy and win the day with charm, skills and wit.

This movie is based on a video game of the same name, so you know you won't get deep character development or fancy neural footwork. But the movie is quite well done, and the performances just good enough for you to not get a cardboard treatment of the story and its characters. I must say i do have a weakness for Holly Valance in particular whom i really really like a lot! She is as sexy as i have ever seen her. But Jaime Pressly also managed herself pretty well (although i really don't like her voice). Devon Aoki is the only one who barely manages to act a little, although her physical presence on screen is adequate here. The rest of the cast is just plain fun, with inventive characters and backstories and all.

Overall, the film is extremely enjoyable for an evening after a long day of work, and that's how you should approach this. It's unpretentious fun all around. It's a film i have seen 5 times now in about a year's time, and i keep enjoying it. I have read there is an uncut version out there but i don't know more than that. Is there bloodier action? Is there nudity? Maybe there'll be an Unrated DVD here in the US at some point in the future since this DVD has actually fared above expectations.

- Laurent Hasson