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Last Viewed:2008.02.29
Last/Last Reviewed:2008.02.29/2008.03.07

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Tony Jaa  is maybe the closest to the next Jackie Chan. At least, the hard-hitting hard-core master of raw action and stunning stunts that Chan used to be in his youth. From Thailand, Tony is arguably today the master of impressive martial arts choreography without any wires or special effects. His movies contain some of the rawest and most powerful martial arts action sequences around. However, his movies also suffer from poor production value, very little attention to story of characters, so besides the incredible action and awe-inspiring stunts, there isn't much else. That's not a terrible thing in and of itself, but i expect his movies to get more and more attention and him to rise to more international prominence, and with that, get better movies made because of better budgets.

No matter all of that, this movie is really bad. Tony was only 18 in 1994 when this movie was made (that was his first movie), and Thai productions in the mid 90's were just starting, with almost zero budget, so i guess this movie has excuses for being so poor. Granted, there are a couple of interesting sword fights, and for the hardcore martial arts fan, or hardcore Tony fan, that may be enough. But otherwise, the story makes no sense, the acting is VERY poor, the cinematography is terrible etc...

- Laurent Hasson