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   This movie has an online cover Hell Ride (2008)
Directed By: Larry Bishop


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Last Viewed:2009.01.20
First/Last Reviewed:2009.01.20/2009.03.02

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ldh's review

The "Quentin Tarantino presents" and "From executive producer Quentin Tarantino" labels have been powerful marketing devices in recent years and introduced several important Asian action and martial arts films to American audiences through the Dragon Dynasty label. This is all good, and more power to him. When i heard about this film and its relationship with Mr. Q, i knew it wasn't an Asian film, but an American film in the tradition of Grindhouse fares. I really liked what Mr. Q did with Grindhouse 2: Death Proof (2007) and so i figured this might be interested. The preview looked cool, promised a great soundtrack, and lots of babes.

Well, let's say that apart from the great soundtrack and the babes, the movie otherwise just misses the mark entirely. The key problem is that the film, and its writer/director seem to take themselves way too seriously. What should be a fun ride ends up being very tiresome. So much so that about two thirds through the film, i started to fast-forward up to the many remaining babe scenes and all the way to the end of the film. So ultimately, that's all i remembered from the film: beautiful naked babes, and some great tracks. Yes, there is some interesting cinematography and art direction, and the film looks good overall, but that's not enough.

What was the story? It's uncreative and immaterial, but here it is. It's about a boy whose mother is killed brutally by a rival bikek gang. The boy grows up, and some 30+ years later, exacts revenge. That's it.

This could have been interesting if only it hasn't taken itself so seriously. In the end, it felt like writer/director, and main actor Larry Bishop, couldn't get a date and decided to make a movie to (1) audition a lot of women, (2) see a lot of naked babes on his set, and (3) have lots of sex scenes with naked babes. So if that's all you are looking for too, then try this movie out. But otherwise, stay clear of it.

- Laurent Hasson