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Last Viewed:2009.10.02
First/Last Reviewed:2009.10.09/2017.12.26

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ldh's review

I heard so much about this film. It has reached a cult status over the years, and its director, Jesus Franco is also considered by many as a cult director of European trash and exploitation films (and i use those terms with the greatest of respect). But it simply didn't make it for me. I watched an enormous quantity of exploitation films this year, but i must admit that none bored me as much as those from Mr. Franco. I really don't get it, and this is just another one of his films where i fight sleep while watching it, something that is not supposed to happen when watching a "women in prison" exploitation flick.

Compared to this, Women In Fury (1985) which i watched around the same time too is a masterpiece. Unless you want to watch this for completeness reasons for the genre, i don't recommend wasting 75mn of your life here.

- Laurent Hasson