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First/Last Viewed:2009.10.19/2020.04.11
First/Last Reviewed:2009.10.28/2009.11.15

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ldh's review

There were 2 "remakes" of the Flower and Snake series done recently in 2004 and 2005 that are much more interesting as far as i am concerned. Japanese director Takashi Ishii (who also did the very good Freeze Me (2000)) crafted very good modern Japanese erotic films, and the fact that they also feature the groundbreaking Japanese actress Aya Sugimoto is the proverbial cherry on the cake.

I haven't seen Part I yet, but Part II is a sumptuous movie that is very erotic and taboo at the same time, exploring Desire, Lust, Power, Submission, and Love. As a re-imagining of the original Series from the 70's and 80's, this is way way more sophisticated in every respect, with fantastic cinematography, a gorgeous lead actress that is fearless in her role, and a much more complex portrayal of extreme human emotions between couples. Whereas the the original series was definitely campy and exploitative, this new film is a sophisticated modern erotic drama, maybe in some way, what Eyes Wide Shut (1999) could have been with a lot more perversity and a Japanese point of view.

This is definitely recommended for people who look at something deeper in an erotic film, are not afraid of fairly graphic and disturbing scenes, and real human drama. Also, prior familiarity with this Japanese genre of S&M erotic films is a must as the content can be off-putting for some people. But if you have never seen such a film, are not easily shocked, and are looking for something very different, this is a treat.

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- Laurent Hasson