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Last Viewed:2009.11.25
First/Last Reviewed:2009.11.26/2009.12.28

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ldh's review

I really don't see the point. I am the first in line for really hard horror films, but i need to get emotionally involved, or intellectually tickled, in order for that sort of film to have any effect on me. I can shake in my boots at the idea of watching again Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1, The (1974), Aftermath (1994), Ichi The Killer (2001), or Irreversible (2002). These are movies that keep me emotionally engaged just with a fleeting thought of them, long after i last watched them.

This however is complete boring drivel. It is faux-snuff to the extreme, with the movie starting in some sort of room where 4 people are sitting on the floor, bound and gagged, with some weird "helmets" on their heads. We see 3 guys coming in, with butcher outfits, and video cameras, and we learn those idiots have captured those 4 people to make a snuff film. And those 4 people, in order to make it more realistic, are wearing camera helmets, so some of the action can be shot in the first person. What follows is simply boring stuff for the good first half of the movie, followed by the actual torture and murders. But so much of it is filmed from those stupid helmets that you, the viewer, basically don't get to see anything whatsoever. It's so shaky and out of focus half of the time that you are left scratching your head as to what the director intended to say with this piece.

Here, there is simply NOTHING. This is torture porn (as it is known) at its most vile and boring. There is no insight into the perpetrators or the victims to make you care either way. The gore is really light, with just a lot of faux-ketchup to make it look tough, and the camera work is supposed to be realistic, but instead robs the viewer of any way to get into the movie. This is just a miserable failure that should have never been made after a first casual read of the script. Damn, i struggle to have my film funded, and when i see this, i get upset. Thank god this was just 74mn and that i must have spent less than 40mn in total in contact with that drivel thanks to fast-forwarding.

- Laurent Hasson