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Last Viewed:2009.11.30
Last/Last Reviewed:2009.11.30/2009.11.30

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ldh's review

Absolutely stunning, in the vain of other recent films from this great director such as One Night In Mongkok (2004) and Protege (2007) for which i gave high marks as well. Here, we find Jackie Chan completely out of his normal range in the role of an illegal Chinese immigrant moving to the Shinjuku area of Tokyo and building a small empire only to see it dissolve due to the greed and insecurities of his friends.

This is an epic story that follows Chan's character from rags to riches and back to rags. It covers illegal Chinese immigration in Japan, the Yakuza wars, and the political system in place that sustains it all. The entire cast is wonderful, especially Chan who puts in the best performance of his career, probably because he's in a role that no fan will recognize, and he pulls it off perfectly. The writing is top notch, pulling in lots of details and a pan-asian perspective that is very cool.

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- Laurent Hasson