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First/Last Viewed:2010.06.27/2019.05.12
First/Last Reviewed:2010.06.27/2019.05.14

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ldh's review

I have a theory... Many low-budget Italian movies from the late 70's and early 80's benefit from being watched properly. That's certainly true for a batch of Enzo G. Castellari flicks i just watched over the weekend after getting them in a blu-ray pack:
I had seen all three around 2010/2011 on crappy DVDs and i was underwhelmed to say the least. I had rated all of them pretty much equivalently to a C+. However, i rewatched them over the weekend, on very decent blu-ray transfers and i actually enjoyed them quite a lot. They are still cheap films by any measure, and only for fans of the genre, but you can appreciate them more when shown in their best light so to speak. As such, i have upgraded my rating to a B- equivalent.

- Laurent Hasson