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First/Last Viewed:2010.10.04/2016.07.14
First/Last Reviewed:2010.10.04/2016.07.30

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ldh's review

This has got to be the most NC-17-Rated thing i have ever seen on TV or anywhere. This show's trademarks of almost explicit sex, graphic nudity and violence is quite unique, and enthralling. This is a show that decided early on to never compromise on its portrayal of an ultra-violent, sexual an decadent Rome. If that's all the show was though, it would have been a fun guilty pleasure and not last long. However, what they pulled is something quite unique because the show is also filled with great characters, great performers and great writing: it's totally immersive in its story telling and i fount it easy for me to lose myself in a binge-watching session over a couple of days.

- Laurent Hasson