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First/Last Viewed:2012.02.29/2020.04.20
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2012.02.29/2020.04.20/2020.04.21

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ldh's review

When i think of extreme Asian films, over the top violence and characters etched in solid steel, this is one of the films that comes to mind. Directed by Jee-woon Kim (of Tale Of Two Sisters and Bittersweet Life fame) this cements the man as a top Korean director. The first time i ever watched it, i kept being interrupted. This time, i watched it cover-to-cover as they say. Is this a Horror film disguised as a Thriller? Is this a Thriller disguised as a Horror film? I'll let you decide. It's damn bloody and gory with one of the greatest beheadings in film history (if there ever were such a category). The soundtrack is powerful and punches through at all the right moments. The two main performances from Byung-hun Lee and Min-sik Choi are mind blowing... This is not a film for everybody due to its intense violence and subject matter, but if you like that type of extreme Korean film, this is one of the best.

- Laurent Hasson