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    She (1982)
Directed By: Avi Nesher


View Count: 3
First/Last Viewed:2013.01.16/2019.12.31
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2013.01.16/2019.12.31/2020.01.01

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ldh's review

Low budget b-movie that manages to be creative and fun. Everything looks cheap, but at the same time, everything looks really cool. The actors are all middle-of-the road to bad of course, but they function well enough for the material. It's a very enjoyable film if you set your expectations accordingly. The bridge scene with the multiplying sailor comedian  is unique, and Sandahl Bergman is as good as she's ever been outside of Conan. This is a film that reminds me of other road adventures such as The Warriors where the heroes go from weird tribe to weird tribe, each defined by unique designs and features, on their quest to whatever they are after.

- Laurent Hasson