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   This movie has an online cover Brood, The (1979)
Directed By: David Cronenberg


View Count: 3
Last Viewed:2015.10.14
Last/Last Reviewed:2015.10.14/2019.05.27

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ldh's review

Some people noticed Cronenberg over the past few years and with The Brood, his third feature, he finally had access to more budget. Still funded through the Canadian Film Development Corporation, The film is miles ahead technically from Rabid and marks Cronenberg’s first truly master film imho. The cast, led by international star Oliver Reed is fantastic, and the film looks and feels polished end to end. The story of a woman who pops out deformed murderous children like a queen bee is unsettling, and this is in my opinion a key evolution for Cronenberg. Whereas he had aimed at shock in his previous films with taboo subjects and graphic contents, The Brood starts to become much more metaphysical. The film is full of interesting ideas about motherhood, genetics and mental illness. This is where the fundamentals of Body Horror, that of mutation generating a divergence between body and mind with physical biological manifestations, is starting to take its full form.

- Laurent Hasson