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Last Viewed:2019.06.25
Last Reviewed:2019.06.25

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ldh's review

This is much better than the first one, at least, it has aged better i think. It is also, in my opinion, much more erotic than the first one. Although part 1 feels tame by today's standards, part 2 remains quite alluring. The baths scene remains to this day a classic erotic moment in movies.

This movie is more professional. It has a really nice cinematography and great art direction. The colonial feel of south-east asia is very well rendered. Additionally, the editing is more dynamic and more continuous. there aren;t as many jaring cuts as the first one.

Finally, Sylvia Krystel is much more in control of her performance, and seems to be much more at ease. It's no doubt due in part to the story itself where the character she plays has much more confidence in her powers, and controls the situations she participates in: the Emmanuelle in part 2 is a much more modern woman, in control of her sexuality, more dominating towards men, than in part 1. She plays it well, and seeing that preformance in contrast to the first movie shows the range of her capabilities, if only limited to this type of performance of course.

Finally, the music is pretty similar to part 1, and as such, feels tired. Been there, heard that before kind of feeling. I know it's part of the Emmanuelle trademark, but still.

- Laurent Hasson