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Last Viewed:2019.10.09
Last/Last Reviewed:2019.10.09/2019.10.13

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ldh's review

A romantic comedy "slash" spy thriller that is structured more like a silly vaudeville, with domestic twists and turns that can give you a headache. By the time the film ended all too predictably, you are left without a clear narrative of what it was all about. Sure, there was a plan to steal NATO documents by Russian spies in London, but that's only the thin backbone of an otherwise chaotic film. It's charming at times, partly because of Anthony Perkins in a rare comedic role, but mostly thanks to Brigitte Bardot who is in full control of her star persona. The rest of the cast is effective, although sometimes misplaced as Brits speaking Parisian French. The film just feels weird through and through.

- Laurent Hasson