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    Begin Again (2013)
Directed By: John Carney


View Count: 3
First/Last Viewed:2016.05.29/2022.08.09
First/Last Reviewed:2016.08.26/2022.08.09

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ldh's review

I was surprised to hear about the controversy surrounding this film when John Carney, the writer/director, seem to diss Keira Knightley in some comments he made. I came into this movie completely blind and didn't even know it was from the same guy who did the wonderful Once. Well, guess what: ignore the controversy and all the bad press. Keira does a great job here with a great singing voice and a great performance overall. Everybody else is fun too and the film manages to pull in a great energy and great music. John Carney is someone to watch for: his ability to fuse music into every corner of his films, without making them kitschy musicals, is unique. The music also stands on its own (i bought the soundtracks of all his films) which is a great plus. Add to that the fact that the film takes place in New York (my home) and makes great use of all its locations, this is a minor classic.

The main difference between Begin Again and Sing Street is that the latter, because of its retro 80's style that was so well executed, and a more universal coming of age dramatic structure, ended up being a little masterpiece. Begin Again comparatively, is only a great film.

- Laurent Hasson