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    Compliance (2012)
Directed By: Craig Zobel


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Last Viewed:2016.06.16
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.06.16/2016.06.17

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ldh's review

Not one drop of blood, dead person, or jump scare, yet this movie got me glued to my seat the whole running time with anxiety and fear. It's masterfully done with respect to how it's written and pulled together, although, the low budget does pull the overall quality down. This movie really affected me in how it depicts regular people doing horrible things just because they are "covered" by an authoritative figure. It's simply chilling, and most people will likely feel quite uncomfortable watching this film, as a young girl is abused and raped by her co-workers who are obeying the orders of a supposedly police officer on the telephone. This is an illustration of the (in)famous experiments by Stanley Milgram, which are also portrayed in The Experimented (2015) but which i haven't seen yet.

- Laurent Hasson