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Last Viewed:2016.06.20
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.06.20/2016.07.13

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ldh's review

What a strange movie. A counter-culture film made by Israelis, in Israel, in the early 70's, you get all that you'd expect in terms of the genre: hippies, singing, drugs, lots of sex and nakedness. It's a unique window into the counter culture of the time, done in ways that is different from its American counterparts. It's enjoyable as a time capsule artifact, a small piece of history, almost documentary-like in style, but its very low budget and wooden performances kind of get in the way. The girls are pretty, and the last third near the dead sea (i think) is quite beautiful to look at. It's also interesting in and of itself as a look at Israel some 45 years ago, driving through stretches of desert and places that today have become quite developed for tourism and industry.

- Laurent Hasson