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Last Viewed:2016.07.07
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.07.07/2016.07.28

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ldh's review

Wow! Just wow! Even though i think that 20 years from now, the film is not going to feel so amazing overall, there is one undeniable fact about it: it's gorgeous, and its technique is jaw-dropping. If you want a piece of "transporting" cinema, this is it. It throws you in a time and place that for most of us will be completely alien. And it does so in such an immersive fashion thanks to its unbelievable cinematography. This movie is all about its cinematography.

Now, for the not so good parts, and why i think in 20 years, it won't fare as well as it does today: i didn't feel the emotions of the characters. For such an incredibly immersive piece of film-making, focusing on the survival against all odds of an individual, you'd think that it'd be pack with incredibly tense and emotional moments. What i kept thinking about throughout, when my eyes and brains could detach for a minute from the technique on display, was Little Big Man. There are many parallels to that movie, but this one doesn't have the same epic and emotional power. that's a real miss. Maybe the film is too technically dazzling to allow you the emotions for such a story, maybe it's DiCaprio's performance that is simplemindedly focus on survival and nothing much else, maybe it's just the writing that doesn't spend enough time on the many dimensions such a story should have. I honestly can't tell.

This is a movie that could have been easily a masterpiece. I found myself in awe pretty much every single minute, thinking about how they did this or that. But i was too captivated by the technique and never was able to invest myself totally into the characters and their emotions.

- Laurent Hasson