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Last Viewed:2015.09.01
Last/Last Reviewed:2015.09.01/2019.05.27

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ldh's review

This is Cronenberg’s second masterpiece, along with Videodrome. It’s very hard to describe how this movie functions. It’s a drug-induced hallucination mixed in with paranoia. Adapted from William S. Burroughs’ thought-to-be-unfilmable groundbreaking novel, Cronenberg is able to create a world that makes sense in its disjointed dreamy drug-induced structure. I just don’t know how to describe this film except to say that it is mindbendingly creative in its visuals and narrative. It is true to Cronenberg’s ethos and a direct continuation of his Body Horror ethos: the drug-induced hallucinations produce strange biological beings that the main character interacts with throughout the story, such as a typewriter that is really a sentient bug, or a strange creature that secretes some hallucinatory drug from phallic appendices. Be ready to be challenged as rich imageries and complex thoughts are hurled towards you at 1000 miles a minute. If you watch this film, you must be in the right mood or it could spoil on you.

- Laurent Hasson