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    Mermaid (2016)
Directed By: Stephen Chow


View Count: 1
Last Viewed:2016.07.28
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.07.28/2016.08.26

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ldh's review

Stephen Chow is one of the top Chinese directors, with a collection of films that'd make many American hit makers jealous. However, for the most part, his films are not easily exportable. For fans of Chinese cinema, cool romps such as Shaolin Soccer, God Of Cookery, or Kung Fu Hustle are definite landmarks. But the slapstick comedy bordering often on the absurd, and strong cultural references that can be so opaque to non Chinese viewers, are often been barriers to wider appreciation. and it's a shame because he's a funny guy, and can do great slapstick, especially when augmented with great visuals.

With Mermaid, he's at it again, with some visuals that will leave you breathless even though the GC effects are not top notch, and some very funny scenes. Of course, the key though was a "Green" message of nature conservation and anti mega-corporate pollution exploitation that resonated incredibly well with the Chinese audience. Mermaid became the highest grossing film of all time there. Most American viewer will however feel left behind by the extremely slapstick humor and cultural references that personally i had more trouble with than usual.

- Laurent Hasson