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Last Viewed:2016.08.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.05/2016.09.04

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ldh's review

Every bit as strange as reviews would have you think. I have seen strange films, and then there is this one. I really did enjoy it because its dark absurdity truck a chord with me. I don't care what other people say, but it was simply perfect for what it tried to do. Of course, with such high concept films, it's hard to fully deliver, and here, the film falls a bit short. I wish it had introduced a clearer sci-fi element, kind of like The Twilight Zone, to make it resonate more in terms of the satire it tried to achieve. Instead, it tries a totally deadpan approach, which works, but i kept wondering how much better the film could have been if it had strayed a bit from its intent.

- Laurent Hasson