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    Scissors (1991)
Directed By: Frank De Felitta


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Last Viewed:2016.08.06
First/Last Reviewed:2016.09.04/2016.09.05

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ldh's review

What a fun film! It reminded me of Gialli of old, the kind that Italian cinema was churning out by the dozen every month in the early 70's. If you like that genre of films, you must give this one a chance, and follow through. The first 30mn will try your patients, but once Sharon Stone got into THE apartment, i was hooked. All my favorite elements of Gialli were in full display: arresting art direction, very well executed "female confusion" plot line, and a nail biting finale that will have you go Wow! I completely got into it and was thinking about the ending days after still.

Sharon Stone, in between Total Recall and Basic Instinct, delivers a very good performance that i would rank among her best.

The soundtrack is OK but after having watched a number of Gialli recently with magic soundtracks such as The Lady In Red Kills Seven Times and Death Walks At Midnight, i just felt a big let down. If there is one thing i would redo about this film is give it a memorable soundtrack like only Italian composers of the Giallo-era were able to.

This is a lesser known film that until a recent blu-ray release really didn't shine. In all its glory now, it's absolutely worth a look if you like suspenseful thrillers. For fans of Giallo films, this is a must see, a film that was made in America in the early 90's but which harks back at a lost era of slick

psycho-sexual nail biters.

- Laurent Hasson