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Last Viewed:2016.08.14
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.14/2016.09.06

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ldh's review

This is such a fun show that captures in surprising ways the feel of 80's sci-fi films. If you know your classics, you'll see a myriad references to E.T, The Thing, The Goonies, Stand By Me, Close Encounters and so on. The music and art direction are simply marvelous and even the cinematography manages some hues and grain reminiscent of 80's film stock. On the technical side of things, the series looks fantastic.

However, i felt that the writing left something to be desired. On the one hand, the characters are wonderfully drawn out. Complemented by a great ensemble cast, i got hooked with these people by the end of the first episode and was sad when the final episode ended that i would not see them again for quite a while, until season 2 comes out. On the other hand, i didn't not enjoy how the plot was handled throughout the episodes. It's easy to hype something up only to move on to something else. It's just a jump scare, or a plot bait. Structurally, the series was riddled with those and i felt like going in circles until a big band ending which felt less satisfying that it should have, because in some sense, it felt contrived and easy at the same time. If i am being taken on a ride, i'd like to know where it's going.

- Laurent Hasson