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Last Viewed:2013.05.04
Last/Last Reviewed:2013.05.04/2003.11.19

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ldh's review

This is the first time i see a movie in a theater where they had installed a digital projection system, and i was very agreeably surprised. I had heard and read so many things about how the quality was wanting, how the image was jittery, and muted, and all. Now, "Finding Nemo" is a digital movie, so i am sure it helped with the quality, but this was the most vibrant, colorful, and detailed picture i had ever seen, and it served the movie perfectly.

"Finding Nemo" is a wonderful film, beautifully written, witty and fun and sweet. The characters are very well developed and you quickly get into them. The voices from Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are delightful and are as much responsible for the overall quality of the movie as everything else. DeGeneres in particular cracked me up from beginning to end: her tone, inflections and hesitations were irresistible to me.

The overall story was also great, with core themes around adulthood, being a child, learning how to live in the world, and parenthood. It never gets preachy, and treats all those strong subjects with a delightful touch. I saw this on Father's day with my son, and was happy to see a father-son relationship play out at the center of a kid's movie. My 3-year-old son also sat through the entire movie. This is the second film (after "Spirited Away") that captured him from begining to end.

Technically speaking, i have seen better animation, or at least, more technically detailed animation. This is by choice though and has become standard for Pixar animations: it's not computer graphics, it's animation done with computers. On the other hand, i never saw so many species of marine life on display in the span of 2 hours. The creativity on display is phenomenal. The overall designs, the characterizations, and the color palette used were all simply incredible. This was a visual pleasure. The art direction is clean and engrossing. The sound was also exceptional and created an under-water atmosphere that was very enveloping.

Pixar struck gold again. I enjoyed their first 3 features ("Toy Story" 1 and 2, and "A Bug's Life"), but wouldn't say i really loved them. I loved "Monster's Inc", and i really loved "Finding Nemo". One feature after the next, Pixar is getting better and better at creating great films. After this, i am definitely investing in this company.

- Laurent Hasson