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Last Viewed:2016.08.15
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.15/2016.09.05

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ldh's review

I so wanted to like this series, but i didn't. It seemed artificially convoluted, and the various twists and turns felt completely manufactured and easy to me... Maybe i have just seen so many horror films that i know all the tricks in the trade, and it's difficult to (1) please me, and (2) surprise me.

This being said, the second season was a huge improvement over the first. I still felt that the writing took the easy route way too often. But overall, the story did feel a bit novel. And the performances got even better. First, Jessica Lange was marvelous, and i really got into her character for this season. Second, the art direction was much richer and lush this time around. The asylum felt lived in and that's something i had never felt with the first season where everything kind of looked cardboardy.


- Laurent Hasson