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    Budo: The Art Of Killing (1979)
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Last Viewed:2016.08.18
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.18/2016.09.09

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ldh's review

Made at a time when America was still reeling from the major cultural and economic loss of confidence from the 1970's, and especially fearing Japan, this film can be seen as a management course in the way of martial arts, Japanese-style. The underlying message is not so subtly that Japan, with its core warrior culture permeating its corporate culture, was going to eat America's lunch. It was interesting to some extent. For me, watching it almost 40 years after it was made served as a powerful reminder that it' often easy to be paranoid and see oneself in decay when nothing could be further from the truth. People who feel today that America isn't great anymore, or that China is eating our lunch, are in that same frame of mind. Clearly, a state of Paranoia is what in the end may give American its chance to shine again, so it' not all bad. It's just interesting to see that pattern played out before. This documentary felt very much like a product of its time, with a dated made-for-TV look which wasn't very polished.

- Laurent Hasson