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Last Viewed:2016.08.22
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.22/2016.09.10

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ldh's review

The Blu-ray is incredibly good looking for films that old. Blue Underground keeps doing such great work in that area and i love watching those older hard-to-find movies when they look probably better than when they originally came out.

As far as the movies go, Circus Of Fear (1966) was a minor revelation. I had seen a Pan&Scan Black&White version before which i did enjoy because of the story and Christopher Lee, but the movie just looked terrible. Here we have a pristine print in wide screen and color. I really like the story itself, if a bit convoluted of course, but it's very entertaining.

As far as Five Golden Dragons (1967) is concerned though, i found myself yawning way too often. I was just bored. It could have been a cool action adventure, all filmed on locations in Hong Kong. Instead, the premise is tortuous, the goofy humor is off-putting, and overall, it's really not that interesting imho.

In the end, i would recommend this double-bill blu-ray just for Circus Of Fear due to its fun story, good performances, and incredible restored quality. It's not a great movie, but it's fun, especially if you enjoy British 60's crime thrillers.

- Laurent Hasson