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Last Viewed:2016.08.28
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.08.28/2016.09.25

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ldh's review

I so wanted to like this series. The cast was quite competent, and the visuals were so lush and beautiful. I also really liked the subject matter. But somehow, the characters and the story lines ended up being void of emotion for me. It became too cartoonish at times, almost soap-opera-like, and that quickly became a turn off for me. I watched the second season hoping for a course correction, but instead, it became even more filled with what felt like forced twists and turns and over the top drama. I know that sometimes, the conflagration of 2 empires is complicated to show in an interesting way in film, and focusing instead on the more personal level of the characters adds more dimensions to the story. But here, so much historical material was left on the table, and way too much family drama was invented to spice things up unnecessarily.

- Laurent Hasson