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Last Viewed:2016.09.04
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.09.04/2016.10.14

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ldh's review

I saw wanted to like this series, and it had such an interesting premise. However, i was never able to truly engage with the characters and the story. Maybe it's the muddiness of the writing, or the confused story lines.  It didn't need to be so mysterious and complex, and with some choices of writing and casting, i sometimes felt that i was watching an R-rated, more perverse, bro-romance version of Twilight. I painfully went through the second season but i was totally left behind with even more storyline complexity and so-called reveals that just didn't hit the spot. Add to that characters that i wish we had seen more of (like the sister), and the series looked polished and well put together, but flavorless in the end. i didn;t even try to watch season 3.

- Laurent Hasson