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Last Viewed:2016.09.29
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.09.29/2016.10.28

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ldh's review

Brilliant technically, with a cinematography that is at the same time disorienting and groundbreaking. The stunt work is also out of this world. But the end product is just too monolithic: it feels like a single trick, repeated and extended over a feature-length film, and half way through, the intensity of its execution becomes numbing. I understand the drive for a first-person POV, but i still think that in the end, it's too complex for the brain's visual cortex. Many times, i wished the camera would just slow down a minute so i could catch my breath, or focus on the larger picture. But that didn't happen. I was yearning for a break to enjoy the amazing long shots, i was yearning for more screen time from Sharlto Copley who is always amazing, i was yearning for more time to enjoy the really cool soundtrack. All this yearning, without satisfaction, spoiled the show.

- Laurent Hasson