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Last Viewed:2016.10.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.10.05/2016.10.21

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ldh's review

I have not seen the Anime, so i can't comment on a lot of stuff people are saying regarding this film not being faithful to the source material. All i can say is that i enjoyed the overall visuals of the film, and the real creepiness of the creatures. This alone made the film enjoyable. Other than that, the cast is somewhat generic, and you can feel how the writers struggle to expose so many lead characters over just 100 minutes. Although this is a part 1 only, the film already feels too crowded with characters and plot lines which makes it hard to get invested in anything. When once scene with Titans ended, all i could think about was "when are the Titans showing up again?". Anything in between was like filler.

- Laurent Hasson