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Last Viewed:2016.10.10
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.10.10/2016.11.03

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ldh's review

Being a middle-ages white dude, and especially not being from around here, i managed to feel immediately connected with this series. I mean, given the political landscape today, having an superhero entertainment product give you chills when various black men in the series fantasize about a bullet-proof black man was incredibly powerful. For one moment, i felt perfectly connected with that bit of wishful thinking. And there were dozens of moments like that where the character's situations, and their motivations, was incredibly well drawn out.

It's a pity though that they had to kill the main bad guy half way through and replace him with a much weaker ersatz. It was so incredibly disappointing and i was having real problems keeping connected to the series in the last third. What a shame. After the ninja explosion in Daredevil's season 2's last third as well, i am starting to wonder if the Marvel writing team can put a great 13-episodes show. Maybe they need to stop at 10? Literally, i would have rated this series a solid A for writing and acting if it weren't for that last third of the show which in and of itself, wold have been a C, barely. Going from a solid A to a C so fast is criminal.

- Laurent Hasson