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Last Viewed:2016.10.24
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.10.24/2016.11.30

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ldh's review

I have never connected with Fernando Di Leo until now. I had never seen a single one of his films and I don't know how. Being a fan of Italian genre cinema, i was nevertheless not quite into Poliziotteschi for some reason. Then i got introduced to Death Occurred Last Night (1970) which i loved! I became interested in exploring some more and after doing a bit of research, found out about Raro Video's very decent blu-ray releases and bought the 2 Fernando Di Leo sets. I was not disappointed. Every single one of those films was marvelous. In total, there were 7 movies: Naked Violence (1969), Italian Connection, The (1972), Caliber 9 (1972), Boss, The (1973), Shoot First, Die Later (1974), Kidnap Syndicate (1975) and Rulers Of The City (1976).

Shoot First, Die Later is a fun film where a cop maintains an ambiguous relationship with the Mafia. And after he decides to do something different, bad things start to escalate very rapidly and he's left with having to fight for his life. This is a great film, with great performances and an intricate story. The way the Mafia escalates retribution and violence is so powerful and so fast that you are left gasping for air, and routing for the hero... or shall i say, the anti-hero.

- Laurent Hasson