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Last Viewed:2016.10.27
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.10.27/2016.11.30

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ldh's review

I tried to look around and figure out what was the original format for this. I can't figure out if this was an anthology of shorts, a TV mini-series, or what. Irrespective of that though, the 3 "seasons" present a wide range of stories involving lesbians. I enjoyed the breadth, but at the same time, budgets were obviously small, which affects the final quality of the product, and more disturbingly, many "episodes" felt forced or untruthful. Now, i am a middle-aged white guy and so for me to say that the shows were often untruthful sounds weird. I just didn't get into the characters for many of the stories. Some felt artsy, pontificating or overly dramatized just for the sake of it. Also, and this is common with "minority" cinema, the pathos is so strong throughout there are few uplifting positive stories. It was particularly fun for me to see one positive fun story taking place within a Jewish family after so many really disturbing looks beforehand at terrible family and social abuse characters suffered through. I guess unfortunately that this is reality. I am yearning for the day where we can have a Gay story where it's rather matter of fact. The mold has been broken somewhat on TV sitcoms, but has yet to make its way, almost 10 years after this series was made, into general cinema and fun films.

- Laurent Hasson