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    La La Land (2016)
Directed By: Damien Chazelle


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First/Last Viewed:2017.07.08/2018.12.25
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2017.07.08/2018.12.25/2018.12.29

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ldh's review

Bright colors, incredible cinematography and art direction, beautiful music and an engaging cast with two great leads all make this movie a treat, near technical perfection. However, it's never able to quite soar emotionally. I get shivers when i watch West Side Story, or Singin' In The Rain. Yet, here, nothing. I am not sure where it comes from, but i felt that same emotional void when i watched First Man (Same director Damien Chazelle and lead Ryan Gosling). Although i truly enjoy Gosling as an actor, his last few roles haven't been quite the emotional ones. On the contrary, he has accentuated dark unemotional aspects of his performances. Maybe that's the root of it, but i can't quite be sure. All i know is that this movie should have enchanted me, and it didn't.

- Laurent Hasson