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 Children Act, The (2017)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2018.12.24
Last/Last Reviewed:2018.12.24/2018.12.29

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ldh's review

This is a movie that could have explored the ramifications of state intervention vs personal freedoms. Instead, it focuses on a woman (the always great Emma Thompson) whose successful career as a top Judge overtook her life. Living every day having to make difficult decisions has overtaken her emotional life to the point where her husband (the always great Stanley Tucci) just packs and goes. Mixed in this marital tale of a couple whose relationship has devolved over the years due to a lack of communication and overpowering careers, there is the tale of a specific case that the Judge deals with and how she intervenes over religious liberties. That part of the story feels forced and under-executed, putting an overall spin on the overall film that barely hides its intent: at the end of the day, the Judge is right and the consequences have little importance. At least, i felt that's what the ultimate message of the film ended up being, and that's a shame.

- Laurent Hasson