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 Human Flow (2017)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2018.12.25
Last/Last Reviewed:2018.12.25/2018.12.29

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ldh's review

A documentary about the world-wide refugee crisis that shows the extreme despair of these people, but fails to dig deeper into the impact it's having across Europe for example. There is a complex political story there that is simplified in the name of human rights above all. This seems shortsighted even if the documentary is able to do a broad worldwide survey of refugees that begs the difficult question of how to solve the issue. The other issue is that it's so broad that it's difficult to see the proverbial trees instead of the forrest. By the end, it all felt like one gigantic pot of misery with no discerning features. This documentary left me weary of the future.

- Laurent Hasson