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 Predator 4: The Predator (2018)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2018.12.27
Last/Last Reviewed:2018.12.27/2018.12.28

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ldh's review

I am so ambivalent about this film... The writing can be atrocious at times with recurring lines that are meant to be tongue-in-cheek-smart but fell completely flat for me, like the recurring chit-chat about how "predator" is the wrong name for the creature: it was mildly amusing the first time, but by the fourth time, it was embarrassing. There are also too many situations that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and this coming from someone who can suspend his disbelief easily when i want to. Finally, Olivia Munn is an actress i really enjoy, but here, she was really not good.

Yet, and that's the strange part, the film has some really fun moments: the action is swift, the soundtrack serves the action well, the creatures are cool, and the film ends up being pretty enjoyable somehow overall.

- Laurent Hasson