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 Green Book (2018)
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Last Viewed:2019.07.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2019.07.05/2019.07.06

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ldh's review

Given the reviews which i perceived as overly political in their nature, the Oscars campaign, and the specter of PC race-based contents that often dilute the core issues to the point of rendering them bland (e.g., Driving Miss Daisy), i watched this film mainly for Mahershala Ali whom i enjoyed tremendously. Boy, am i glad i watched this movie. I haven't been moved by a story and such strong performances in a long time. The film truly addresses the ugliness of racism and segregation in America in the 60's. The most interesting thing was really to approach it from the perspective of a black man who was less subject to Racism due to his talent and education in the north, and a prejudiced working class Italian man. The interplay between these 2 men was very interesting and affecting. The writing is funny, incisive and takes no prisoner. Ali, as expected, is marvelous, and Mortensen is powerful. I wish we'd see more of him. Technically, the film is also gorgeous to look at, and features an engaging soundtrack.

- Laurent Hasson