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   This movie has an online cover Phantasm (1979)
Directed By: Don Coscarelli


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Last Reviewed:2004.04.19

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LDH (2004.09.24)
 Interesting. This is a cult favorite that never did it for me. In particular, i did not like the music and cinematography one bit. You like it so much that maybe i should give this movie another try. It's been over 10 years since i saw it, so...

DarkTrain's review

One of My favorite horror films...this one broke whatever rules there were like a hammer smashing a fresh egg...a flying metallic ball that drills into ones head and drains ones blood,a big tall creepy mortician,a hippy ice-cream man with a ponytail,a bad-ass Muscle Car,guns,shrunken mosters,cemeteries,an old blind lady,a hot naked girl..the story is simple and the twists and turns always deliver you right into the one room you know you shouldn't have gone into...the acting is as awful as you'd imagine and it doesn't matter one bit to me,this ain't *art*,it's Phantasm..learn the difference..and how cool is the name???

- ChrisDavis