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 Saga Of Tanya The Evil (2017)
Directed By: Not Available


View Count: 1
Last Viewed:2020.03.20
Last/Last Reviewed:2020.03.20/2020.03.28

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ldh's review

What a strange and original Anime. A regular office worker whose job it is to fire people is rotten inside. He's consumed by hate of the human race and a completely arrogant denial of God. That is, until the day God manifests itself to him, pushes him in front a speeding train, and causes him to re-incarnate at a 9yo bloodthirsty girl in a parallel world stuck in a WW1-like era or eternal and bloody conflict.... with magic. This is an anime that reminded me a bit of Full Metal Alchemist. The designs are cool, the story is out there, the pace is incredibly engaging, the sound design is very aggressive and fully executed. It's a great all-around anime series if you are into the more off-center fares. The only beef is that there is only one season and it ends with a cliffhanger but i read that there was a full-length movie made that closes the story properly, however, not yet available in the US.

- Laurent Hasson