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First/Last Viewed:2020.03.27/2022.07.09
First/Last Reviewed:2020.03.27/2020.03.28

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ldh's review

I know it's a classic, but i was never able to get into it. I have watched it three times now and had so much hope for the newly remastered blu-ray release. I have come in recent years to truly appreciate many 80's films that got the blu-ray rejuvenating treatment which managed to heighten my enjoyment. That being said, this film IS stylish, has some great concepts (like the orb), and a great villain central performance from Angus Scrimm (the Tall Man) that ranks way up there in the annals of 70's and 80's horror cinema.

This is my favorite entry in the series, by far. It's truly a great horror film of the 80's! I felt all the greatest vibes from Nightmare On Elm Street and Evil Dead 2, but in a very different and original package. It still has this off-center quality of the original, but it a more fleshed out and more fun way.

Definitely a cheaper sequel. Frankly, the only reason i enjoyed it is because of Gloria Lynne Henry.

Slightly less interesting and forgettable entry with little to add over the previous installments.
Not good, and not fun. It could really have expanded the story and explored new environments. We finally get to see the "other side", but it just doesn't work. Part of the problem are the cheaper visual effects and an apocalyptic look that didn't really work for me.

- Laurent Hasson