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Last Viewed:2020.04.19
Last/Last Reviewed:2020.04.19/2020.04.21

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ldh's review

OK, so i finally got to see this, and it's a great film. But is it Joon-ho Bong's best? No. That honor is reserved for Mother (2009) and i would even go as far as saying that even Snowpiercer (2013) was better. Anyways, my opinion doesn't quite matter as this film clearly took the world of cinema by storm, winning most of the major awards no one had expected a Korean film to win, including the Best Film Oscar! I preferred Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or even Little Women.

The main issue with the film is the lack of cohesiveness from the characters and I didn't buy the final act from the "poor" father. Something was lacking and it bothered me within the works of this director who has created such memorable and emotional characters in the past. When Mother ended, i felt emotional. The ending for Parasite should have made one feel the same as you witness characters you spent close to 2 hours building empathy for fall apart. But it just didn't work for me. Making the two families and the "third party" less charicatural would have helped without diminishing the final message: instead, it cheapened it.

Other than that, the film looks fantastic and is populated by memorable performances. I just wasn't jumping on my seat as i had expected.

- Laurent Hasson