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 Doorman, The (2020)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2020.10.17
Last/Last Reviewed:2020.10.17/2020.11.28

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ldh's review

Japanese director Ryűhei Kitamura is a legend for many genre-film aficionados (see Azumi, Versus, The Midnight Meat Train), so expectations were high. It's an OK action film, but nothing more. It could have been quite something, but the cast is not up to the task and the overall film just plods along to its conclusion without much tension. This is essentially Die Hard in a pre-war New York building, but the baddie (played so wodddenly by Jean Reno) had no bite, and the action is generally weak. Ruby Rose does her best, but needs more training to really be convincing in such an action role. The location though is very well utilized and is the only grounding element of the film.

- Laurent Hasson