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 Greenland (2020)
Directed By: Not Available


View Count: 2
First/Last Viewed:2020.11.26/2021.08.01
First/Last Reviewed:2020.11.26/2020.11.27

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ldh's review

Surprisingly scary and tense apocalypse film about a family stuck in the middle of an extinction-level asteroid event. It's simple execution and central cast are its best attributes. It doesn't rely heavily on special effects and that works out great. When special effects are called for, they are good enough to not distract from the tension and imminent doom our protagonists finds themselves in. That sense of doom, and the realistic depiction of society rapidly falling apart, is palpable throughout the film. This film feels like Spielberg's War Of The Worlds in terms of how tense it gets with realistic crowd scenes and episodes of mayhem (without the aliens of course).

- Laurent Hasson