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The Film

 Platform, The (2019)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2021.01.22
Last/Last Reviewed:2021.01.22/2021.01.25

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ldh's review

I love and hate these kinds of movies. It's a fantastic concept that is so well executed for most of the film's run time. It's creative, keeps you on the edge with lots of interesting twists and revelations. Yet, it all falls apart in the end with what can be best described as a non ending. It's like the film makers thought they couldn't get a banging ending, so they gave up and decided to have no ending at all! I don't like that as i cold easily come up with 2 endings that would have been OK or even somewhat interesting, even if it wouldn't have been ground breaking. Instead of having an OK ending for a great film, you are left feeling like you were cheated.

- Laurent Hasson