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 Nobody (2021)
Directed By: Not Available


View Count: 3
First/Last Viewed:2021.05.18/2022.01.01
First/Last Reviewed:2021.11.28/2021.12.12

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ldh's review

Compared often to John Wick due to its action style and the involvement of the Russian mafia, this is however a very different film. It has some of the greatest action of the year, darker than dark humor, and great visuals. It has a cynical bend to it without losing its heart, whereas John Wick tended to be more of an action purist affair. You care about John Wick because he's cool and good. But you care about Mr Nobody because he's funny yet desperate, because of his family and friends, and because of what he has undertaken, balls to the wall as they say. Add to that that they kept the film brief, and loaded with superb music, this is one of the greatest action film ever made imho.

- Laurent Hasson